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The American Dental Association recommends changing toothbrushes every three months. So, the children we serve will be receiving four toothbrushes per year. The bamboo-handled toothbrushes we distribute are unique, high quality, and children love them. Plastic toothbrushes are not helpful to our environment. Bamboo, on the other hand, is highly renewable and contains lignin (an organic polymerizing compound that sequesters carbon). uDo® sources the best bamboo on Earth that contains twice the lignin count as most other American bamboo species. Lignin is proven to inhibit bacterial growth, whereas plastic provides bacteria a perfect breeding ground. Microbiologists contend that uDo’s bamboo toothbrushes contain fewer bacterial colonies than plastic. uDo’s organic bamboo is grown without the aid of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, which supports our commitment to health and sustainability.


USDA® Certified + Organically Grown
Ecofriendly + Antibacterial Bamboo
Dentist Preferred Super Soft Tynex®
U.S. Patent No. 756,659

Adults with disabilities package all donated toothbrushes at The Arc® of Monmouth’s Work Opportunity Center

Toothpaste leads to healthier smiles

We provide two large tubes (11oz.) of toothpaste to every sponsored child. Each tube provided is a six-month supply. Brushing teeth is about mechanical removal of plaque and debris.Toothpaste helps protect gums and enamel, and gives children a shiny smile to instill confidence.
Studies prove that smiling helps boost mood, increases happiness and lowers stress.

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