We believe


We believe…


every child should be entitled to adequate dental care. Proper oral hygiene has gone underserved, but we at uDo® believe a healthy smile is a necessity for every child to journey through life with confidence. That is why we are committing our time, wisdom, energy, and all our resources to accomplishing uDo’s vision—a world where everyone on the planet owns a toothbrush.


We have a plan and we are asking for your help. When uDo® first started three years ago, we had focused on India, where 600,000,000 people do not use toothbrushes. While revamping 1,000 schools in rural India, The Coca-Cola Company had helped us reach thousands of children—many of them teens—who received their first toothbrushes ever! In addition to supplying children in rural India with eco-friendly toothbrushes and toothpaste, we helped those children develop pen pal relationships with American kids, which encouraged better dental care practices for all students involved. 


At three years young, we have already secured immense resources to accomplish our mission—dental care for every child on Earth. Through our Arc® partnership, we are affiliated with Work Opportunity Centers that provide employment to adults with disabilities, especially Down’s Syndrome, and these special people package our donated supplies. Our domestic distribution is largely performed by Feeding America FoodBanks. Our international reach is assisted by enormous organizations, such as The Coca-Cola Company, to help us reach the most rural areas on the planet. Our marketing abilities are boosted by a significant advertising grant provided by Google. uDo has already donated thousands and thousands of supplies and we want you to join our team to expand our efforts.


— Anthony G. Dalleggio Jr.
Founder, Chief Love Officer